I take the day off from work for this appointment.  It is pouring out! I mean cats, dogs, and giraffes, pouring!  We’re all unusually quiet as we take the elevator up to the sixth floor.  When we exit, we immediately see the sign for the clinic.  After filling out a few forms, we do the usual: weight, height, blood pressure. Chanei, my oldest child, goes first.  Blood pressure is normal.  At 5’4″ she is a tall 13 year old.  She steps on the scale and the doctors look at me.  Chanei weighs 223lbs.  Next up is Chloe.  Blood pressure, again, is normal.  At 10yrs old, Chloe weighs a shocking 140lbs.

After their vitals are noted, we’re placed in a waiting room.  The waiting room is filled with what appears to me to be moderately overweight children.  All are of African American or Hispanic descent.  Minorities. We wait for about a half hour.  Still not much is being said between us. When we are called, we’re ushered into a little tiny office.  We are introduced to Mrs. So and So, the Nutritionist(Dun, Dun, Dunnnnnn).  The Nutritionist(Dun, Dun,Dunnnnnn), proceeds to question me about their birth weight (6lbs5oz & 6lbs13oz respectively), eating habits, physical activity, and the like.   After I give her what are well thought out, meaningful responses, she turns to my well behaved, reserved little girls.  She asks them about their eating habits, their physical activity, if their being bullied, abused or neglected.  These two raggedy head articulate little girls proceed to tell the Nutritionist(Dun, Dun Dunnnnnn) that I never cook a hot meal.  The only time they eat vegetables is when their Granddaddy cooks it. FOR SUNDAY DINNER!  RUDE!! Imagine throwing me under the bus like that.

The Nutritionist(Dun, Dun, I’m sorry, no more) shows THEM what serving sizes should look like.  They are taught how to read labels. Told what they should and should not eat and drink.  Chloe, for instance, should stay away from bread because her Triglycerides are way too high.  They receive the information very well and seem interested.

All in all our first stop at the Obesity Clinic turned out well.  If you don’t count the whole “Throw Mama Under the Bus” episode!

Next stop Cardiology!

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