Bump bump. Bump bump. Bump bump.

Two Doctors enter the room where we are seated.  A male and a female.  Why, OH WHY do I automatically assume that Dr. Duper is a man(I don’t know, but that is a story for another blog).  She walks in and her long, sable tresses bounce playfully on her left shoulder.  She introduces herself and her colleague.  She explains to the children what she is about to do.   She exchanges pleasantries with me, putting me at ease.

Her colleague takes Chanei next door and I stay with Chloe.  Chloe removes her shoes and shirt.  All sort of tubes, pads and sticky notes are attached to her chest.  We listen for her heartbeat.  She smiles when she hears the bump bump. Bump bump. Bump bump.  Everything checks out A.O.K.  Thank GOD!  I was really scared about hearts being checked out!  But my fears have been unwarranted, thus far.   Dr. Duper removes the jumper cables from Chloe and tells us to get dressed, while she checks on Chanei.   Chanei takes a little longer with her exam, which of course makes me uncomfortable.  The Dr., her Colleague, and Chanei finally emerge, after three days(OK 20-25 minutes).  I’m assured that everything was normal.

Dr. Duper sits down and has a conversation with us all.  She lets me know that I am not to blame.  I shouldn’t feel guilty(which I usually don’t).  She asks the girls if they are being bullied or abused.  The children say NOoooo in unison.  They are asked why they think that they are overweight?  After smirks and averting of the eyes, all we get are shrugs.  Dr. Duper tells them that we all may have made bad choices, but we are here to make changes.  She asks the girls if they are willing to follow what the Nutritionist(Dun, Dun, Dunnnnnn) has instructed.  They, of course, say yes.

Dr. Duper lets us know that it won’t be easy. It may not be fun.  It will be an uphill battle, but we should trust her.  Dr. Duper lets me know that there are a few places, affiliated with the clinic, that the girls can work out for free.  We look over the list and decide that this might actually work.  She tells me to buy a scale and let the girls monitor their own weight.  I should not ask them to get on the scale.  I should not be over their shoulder, while they’re on it.  This is not a finger pointing exercise.  We’re not trying to create eating disorders, she says.  We’re trying to allow them to have some control in this situation.  We’re expected back in a month, with some sort of progress.

Talk about pressure!!

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