We survived the holidays!

Thanksgiving and HaKwanamas(Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas) are now over! We survived the bumpy ride, without too many bruises.

OK, so where do I start? My mother who lives out of town, came in the Wednesday before thanksgiving.  My mother and I don’t really have a relationship or even really speak for that matter.  But, for the sake of the girls(who love her miserable ass to pieces), I TRY!  So, mother comes to town & begins cooking up a storm.

So, if I never utter a word to let her know that the children have health issues, you would think just looking at them would be ENOUGH!!! But, oh no. Mother starts throwing down in the kitchen. She comes with the food that is going to be prepared for thanksgiving dinner and food to stock my kitchen, because clearly I don’t buy grocery. But whatever!!!

She has a sweet potato pie, a coconut custard pie, fish, turkey and blocks and blocks of cheese. W..T..F?? So for Thanksgiving mother cooks a HUGE pan of baked Mac ‘n Cheese, rice with peas and the turkey. What? I’m sorry I can’t hear you! Oh, where were the vegetables? Vegetables! When FOOD=LOVE, healthy foods are not usually part of the equation.

Yes, Yes, Yes, I know what you’re thinking.  I spoke to the girls before Thanksgiving even came around.  I told them to remember their portions and to keep their water intake really high.  While I was around, they did very well.

We don’t usually have company over for Thanksgiving dinner, except for the occasional passerby.  I think my mother cooks to get under my skin!  Thanksgiving dinner was OK.

Friday morning, I take the girls for a nice long walk.  Upon our return, Mother is in the kitchen cooking……….again…….(insert crickets right <=====here). Luckily the girls didn’t want the food, which of course hurts Mothers feelings, because FOOD=LOVE.

Mother, unbeknownst to me has seasoned and parceled out chicken and fish to store away in the freezer.  Saturday afternoon she leaves and I breathe a sigh of relief.


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