Hi, name is Carolyn.  I am the mother of two little(or not so little) girls, Chanei and Chloe.  This blog will be a vessel for my rants, raves and opinions(of which I have way too many!!). Mostly this blog will be about my struggles in helping my overweight children to lead healthy and fit lives.  All while trying to remain sane!

I once read that if children live with encouragement, They learn confidence.  If children live with praise, They learn to appreciate. If children live with approval, They learn to like themselves.

So, here goes nothing.

All right, Mr. Demille. I’m ready for my closeup!!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Yolonda says:

    Hello Carolyn I am a fan of your writing and your very pretty.Chloe 10 years old is very fat a few months ago how does she look now Has she gained or lossed

    • sisterbigbones says:

      Hi Yolonda. Woowwwwwww, someone found my little ole’ blog. Well thanks for checking in. I’m back from the food loaded holidays, so I will definitely be blogging on a regular basis.

  2. Yolonda says:

    Hey again Carolyn .Post more Mr.Demille Im ready for my closeup .!HILARIOUS!!

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